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Nikki is a traditional astrologer and tarot reader.


She completed two years of Hellenistic Astrology for the Modern Mystic with Acyuta-Bhava Das at The Nightlight Astrology School and received a certificate in horary astrology from The School of Traditional Astrology. She has given divinatory readings and led tarot workshops at New York City events such as Shoppe Object, Holistic Picnic, and Quest’s Healing Arts Fair. She holds a position on the steering committee for the Association for Astrological Networking as well as co-edits the journal The AFAN Quarterly. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing through the Riggio Honors Program at The New School,


Nikki's divinatory work is rooted in Hermetic wisdom and folk magic. She resides in the Catskill Mountains of New York with her little family and burgeoning permaculture farm.


For inquiries and booking info: EMAIL ME

Image by Nick Forte

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