Nikki is a traditional astrologer, tarot reader, poet, and writer. She delved into the study of the esoteric arts a decade ago following the birth of her daughter and then the sudden loss of her mother three and a half months later. The journey through these two most awesome life events led her to explore the roles that story and spirituality play in transformative healing and growth.  


She went on to complete the two-year program Hellenistic Astrology for the Modern Mystic with Acyuta-Bhava Das at The Nightlight Astrology School and receive a certificate in horary astrology from The School of Traditional Astrology. She has given divinatory readings and taught wellness workshops at New York City events such as Shoppe Object, Holistic Picnic, and Quest’s Healing Arts Fair and Psychic Festival. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing through the Riggio Honors Program at The New School and is an editor for the astrological journal, The AFAN Quarterly.


Her practice is rooted in a holistic perspective which nurtures body, mind and spirit through intentional living and the re-enchantment of modern life. She resides in the Catskill Mountains of New York with her little family and burgeoning permaculture farm.


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Image by Nick Forte