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Mars Enters Taurus: The Astrology of July 3rd - July 10th

This week feels like a transition period coming off of the New Moon in Cancer and the Mars-Pluto square. How were you "shocked" out of long-held feelings of security and safety? What does Mars represent in your chart? Did those topics play a part?

On Tuesday, July 5th, Mars enters Taurus, the sign of his exile. Mars wants heat, movement, competition, but in Taurus he is asked to cool off, to slow down and take in the olfactory delights of the roses. This is not an easy ask for Mars and his struggle here can manifest personally in a couple of different ways. On the positive side, it can help us take that much needed pause when confronted with challenges. Fixed in his pursuits, this Mars placement can lead us to take steps towards maintaining stability and abundance. This could be good energy for gathering and shoring up resources before the next storm. Manage anger, lethargy and frustration by taking on tasks as if you are an ox pulling a plow. Do the work and go the course without question until the job is done or the Sun sets -- meaning do what you can until you can't do anymore and then just leave it!

Most notably, Mars in Taurus reactivates both the Saturn-Uranus Square and the Taurus-Scorpio Eclipses. The Saturn-Uranus square dominated all of 2021 and the two planets come within a degree of each other this August and September. Wherever Aquarius and Taurus fall in your chart is where you've already been experiencing a structural break and the painful revolution of form. My horoscopes from the last time Mars entered Taurus, January 6th, 2021, may help you to understand what areas of life this transit is triggering for you personally. How have you broken open and evolved since the beginning of these eruptions?

Also on Tuesday, Mercury will leave its home sign of Gemini for the primal waters of Cancer and immediately make a sextile to Mars at 0 degrees Taurus. This meeting could be Mars's ask for some help in the trenches as the Taurus part of our charts has been in upheaval since the Uranus ingress in 2018. Pay attention to what is spoken and see where you can offer nourishing support. Because Mercury is hidden under the Sun's beams and Cancer is considered a mute sign, so much of the what's happening will be hushed or hidden until Mercury's rise in Leo on July 24th. If you are sitting with feelings stirred up under last week's Cancer New Moon and Mars-Pluto opposition, they might need to surface at this time. If someone in a position of power has been quiet regarding recent events, expect news of their intentions later this month.

On Wednesday, July 6th, we will get the First Quarter Moon in Libra. This is a good moment to really consider the other side of the story. What does the opposition want and why? Don't make up your mind as if you already know their position. Truly have a listen. Open your heart to other and the differences between us. Not one of us is ever all right or all wrong -- no matter how just our cause or how righteous our passions. Venus in Gemini will make a constructive trine to the this Moon encouraging us to have better conversations and the Libra piece will invite us to balance our perceptions and to mediate conflicts.

This Sunday, July 10th, the Sun in Cancer will sextile Uranus in Taurus reawakening our drive for security and comfort in these unstable times.

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