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New Moon in Cancer: The Astrology of June 27th - July 3rd

Tuesday's New Moon in Cancer brings security, safety and connectivity to the forefront of our actions during this next Moon cycle. New Moons are usually a time for rest and gestation, however the Sun's square to Jupiter in Aries sparks the desire for freedom and to fight for our beliefs and personal sovereignty. Jupiter, as the greater benefic, often lends nourishing support to the planets it aspects, however, as this is a difficult aspect coming from the self-interested energy of Aries, the urge to assert oneself through divisive and destructive means might win out over the more gentle nourishing sort of community-building that the Moon in Cancer prefers.

On Monday, Mars in Aries makes a sextile to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. There is a hang up that keeps us from making progress at the start of the week, probably related to something from the past that had been overlooked or neglected. Our procrastination, of course, did not pay off and now our tunnel vision for a win may be mixed up with emotions that keep us from tending to a more healing environment.

Tuesday's New Moon follows Neptune stationing retrograde in Pisces. Neptune stations have a dissolving quality and the boundaries blur between what is real/not real, myself/yourself, consciousness/subconsciousness. This dissolving quality may draws us in and cause us to lose ourselves in illusion or delusion. Fear in the collective unconscious contaminates the waters. The higher manifestation of this Neptune transit could bring a little more depth to our spiritual life, but for that, we would need to drift in this current with a certain amount of intentional emotional detachment.

Also on the agenda for this New Moon is a gentile sextile between Venus in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries. Love, women's issues, relationships, networking, socializing all come into play when Venus is in Gemini and this interaction will inject these topics into the action/reaction that is fomenting in Aries. During the last Moon cycle, Venus made some pretty intense aspects to Uranus, Saturn and the North Node and now we see Mars and Jupiter taking up her mantle.

On Friday, Mars will make an intense square to Pluto in Capricorn. A deep-seated personal problem or belief that is rooted in the emotions of the Cancer New Moon is going to be acted upon for better or for worse. In the Summer Solstice post, we talked about the energy of Cancer as wanting to grow and to nurture life. It is concerned with our primal needs: food, water, safety, community and love. Mars, left to his own devices, will maim and kill to achieve his goals. However, he is also a nocturnal planet making him subject to the Moon. Where this New Moon falls in our natal chart might give us some indication of where we can exercise greater command over our primal desires.

If the New Moon falls in your 1st house, Cancer Ascendant, you are being asked to take special care of your mind and body as your career and other activities outside the home are increased and amplified. If in the 2nd, Gemini Ascendant, self-care comes by way of tending to your finances and making some decisions about your values in regards to community. In the 3rd house, Taurus Ascendant, you might have the opportunity to communicate your needs and fears in a way that is less self-sabotaging. In the 4th house, Aries Ascendant, you may be motivated to revisit important relationships from your past in order to do some healing work around them. In the 5th house, Pisces Ascendant, you might be looking at ways to invest more deeply in the parts of your life related to children, pleasure or your creativity. In the 6th house, Aquarius Ascendant, you might need to take a look at health and work in order to reestablish nourishing routines. In the 7th house, Capricorn Ascendant, pay attention to partnerships, and how you can be a better partner, as you work on your home and family life. In the 8th house, Sagittarius Ascendant, tending to debt and what you owe to others, be it financially or karmically, as you navigate an increased focus on topics that involve children, pleasure or your creative work. In the 9th house, Scorpio Ascendant, this may be a call to open up your mind to new ways of thinking about misfortune and difficult circumstances in order to create healthier habits. In the 10th house, Libra Ascendant, you are asked to nurture your public persona in order to cultivate better relationships between yourself and others. In the 11th house, Virgo Ascendant, fostering a better relationship within a community by way of service can help ease some lingering fear and frustration. In the 12th house, Leo Ascendant, pay attention to the cause of your current suffering (rather than sweep it under the rug) and use those observations to envision a new way of going about things in the month ahead.

On Saturday, Mercury in Gemini will begin a round of notable aspects -- first with a trine to retrograde Saturn in Aquarius and then a square to retrograde Neptune in Pisces. Mercury in its home sign of Gemini is strong and eager to share with others the downloads that come from this New Moon. Hopefully, the wisdom of this Balsamic Moon along with the beneficence of Venus in Gemini will help us to build relationships with our words rather than provoke more animosity. If you don't have something kind and helpful to say -- keep it to yourself!

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