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New Moon in Leo & Mars Conjoins Uranus: The Astrology of July 26th-August 1st

Thursday, July 28th (EST) there will be a New Moon in Leo. New Moons are both the end and the beginning of a cycle. They are a time for going within and for preparation. Often, when we talk about New Moons, we talk about reseeding and with that purpose in mind, we consider how to create an environment that supports the opportunities for growth that we'd lost or lacked in the previous cycle. The Last Quarter Moon in Aries made a square to the Sun in Cancer and also to Pluto in Capricorn, igniting some of our darker defects and fears around security, relationships, love, and our past. We were forced into mini excavations of the saltwatery depths of our hearts and minds. How have you been dealing with what has been dredged up? Have you been facing the challenges or have you been withdrawing from them? Did you feel them intensely and then let them slip back into the depths to continue their corrosion? Is this the kind of environment within which you would like to grow things in the next cycle?

We all have Leo somewhere in our charts and the planets passing through this sign have been making an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius since December of 2020. Saturn is a heavy energy that can depress or dim the vitality of the Sun and the agility of Mercury. So as the Sun and Mercury move through Leo, we might find ourselves struck down, humbled, made to second guess, or made to feel low in the areas of life that belong to Leo in our charts (and effecting any other planetary placements in fixed signs). For a Libra ascendant, this could come up in friendships, alliances or groups. For a Sagittarius ascendant, this could be felt in your beliefs or the things you do to better yourself or expand your horizons. For a Leo ascendant, you might be struggling with your body, mental health or personal expression. For Gemini, this could be in how you're communicating or what you are committing to in your day-to-day life.

Jupiter in Aries stations retrograde while trine this New Moon. Jupiter brings expansion, growth, faith, big ideas and, being in Aries, the lust for independence and for starting new things. We may be germinating an opportunity to learn from some of these struggles (sound the horns!). You might be asked to look back at an old story, cut it out of your life or integrate it into the next one like compost. That old story might involve events from the end of December of 2021 through mid-May of this year. Maybe some new insight will have you going back to do some healing work before embarking on the next great adventure. On Sunday, July 31st, the Sun in Leo will make a constructive trine to Jupiter retrograde in Aries and we may get a lift of inspiration.

Monday, August 1st, Mars will conjoin Uranus and the North Node in Taurus. This is one of the more notable (nodable?) transits of the year and kicks off the intensity of the astrology that will make up the second half of 2022. What comes up around this time is related to the Uranus in Taurus story that began in 2018/2019. It is also related to the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses that began in November 2021 and kicked off again in April and May 2022. What came up for you around these dates? Expect more of that quality of disruption. Prep what you can prep and then be as flexible as you can with what comes, since the Mars-Uranus-North Node union in Taurus destabilizes any semblance of normalcy or contentment or surety that you've had going on.

Mars keywords are action, anger, independence, war, severing, heat. Uranus keywords are volatility, revolution, sudden change, explosion. The North Node creates a surge of these combined energies that can amplify, empower, overwhelm, destroy, consume -- for more on the Mars transit through Taurus, take a look at this post. On a mundane level this could show up as small as finding yourself unprepared for all that's ripening in your garden and then struggling to harvest and preserve it all. Or, it could show up bigger as a blowout argument with someone -- especially since Mercury is squaring this Mars-Uranus-Rahu combination from Leo. Be careful what you say and do in the days ahead. Try not to lead with your pride, ego or the impulse to attack. Whatever it is, big or small, it has the potential effect your sense of stability and deeply ingrained feelings of self-worth. If you have personal planets in the any of the fixed signs, this transit could more strongly impact you.

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