October 2021 Full Moon in Aries

This week's astrology brings up the themes of interdependence, independence, and letting go...

The Sun and Mars are still close to each other in Libra -- a sign that asks us to look outside of ourselves in order to better balance our inner world with the outer. However, these Libran objectives are hardly goals of the Sun or Mars, whose strong fire energies would much prefer autonomy; their creative forces are rooted in unobstructed independence. Yet here they are, worried about whether or not everybody is happy. There is a lot of tension between togetherness and autonomy when the Full Moon makes its opposition in Aries this Wednesday morning.

It's important to note that the Sun and Mars are answering to Venus in Sagittarius right now. Venus is commingling energies with the South Node, so our recent quest for a shared vision of the future with someone, might not feel so shared anymore. The South Node tends to liquify and then drain away whatever it touches. In Sagittarius that would be our goals and with Venus, that would be how we partner. And Venus wants more than anything to bind herself to the object of her desire -- which is why she exalts Saturn in her masculine domicile. We might find that, lately, binding ourselves to what we have envisioned has become as elusive an option as trying to grab hold of a shore line to keep it from receding. Think now about where you are experiencing this ebb. Is it with a friendship, a lover, a business partner? It might be a good time to let go of your old ideas about how this relationship should look even if it means being in that uncomfortably unknowable place for awhile. You have probably been there with it anyway!

Be mindful too that both the Sun and Mars are in weakened dignity right now, so our losses could be colored by a diminished ego, a weakened sense of personal identity, or a lack of confidence. It could manifest as low energy or a feeling of not belonging or not fitting in. This is all part of the transit and it will pass. Until then, the suggested mantra is Abandon Hope. It came from the pages of a book called When Things Fall Apart by the Buddhist nun Pema Chodron and it seems particularly apt for the astrology of late October and through to the end of the year. If we are able to let go of our hopes for what should be and lay ourselves bare to flow of fate, then we are less likely to struggle and therefore less likely to suffer. To abandon hope allows us to heal, to weave ourselves into proper relationship with the world around us, and to fully welcome what is to come -- whatever it may be.

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