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Sun into Leo: The Astrology of July 18th-25th

"Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world."


The entrance of Mercury and then the Sun into Leo this week will exalt our need for bolder, more creative and vibrant self-expression. But before these planets leave the nostalgic sign of Cancer, Mercury and the Sun face an opposition to Pluto that will pull us into some intense and uncomfortable moments. Will we meet this transit with the courage to release our destructive, old habits, or will we step into Leo season with our pride and ego reinforcing them?

On Monday, July 18th, as Mercury opposes Pluto, some conversation or bit of news might trigger panic. A courageous heart can hold and not inhabit polarized thoughts. A good leader can take responsibility for their faults. In the absence of these qualities, we might lose trust in the overarching systems that connect us, which can lead to paranoia and obsessive thinking. Mercury's bolt into Leo on Tuesday might burn off some of the more emotional attachments to these stories, but the Sun is still swimming through the last degrees of Cancer and the opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect brings its own anxiety and we might find ourselves failing to get on track and to keep a comfortable rhythm.

On Wednesday, we see the Last Quarter Moon in Aries make a square to Pluto. As we bring to close the cycle that started with the New Moon in Cancer June 28th, we are asked to release in order to restart. Maybe all of this reckoning with the past has forced us to gain some clarity around what is actually possible in the present. Maybe it has set us more deeply into our old ways. Aries speaks to new beginnings although this is a closing moon. What can we let go of this week to help us prepare our hearts for the New Moon in Leo later this month?

Friday, July 22, the Sun ingresses his home sign of Leo. Our ambition therefore shifts from Cancer's desire to connect to the Leo's desire to shine. We too will be ready to hold court and seek our ambition wherever Leo falls in our birth charts. For Virgo rising, Leo in the 12th house could mean that it's time to carve out the space we need to put our personal work first. For Taurus rising, Leo in the 4th house could shift our focus to appreciating home and enjoying the people who root us in this world. For Capricorn rising, Leo in the 8th house could open our eyes to how we can be of value to others.

Over the weekend, the aspects feel lush and inspiring. On Saturday, Mercury in Leo makes a trine to Jupiter in Aries. This constructive aspect has the potential for dynamic, visionary thinking. Don't just hope and dream here. It's a moment to harness the energy and get a project started. Sunday will bring Venus in Cancer into a square with Jupiter in Aries. There might be tension around how we get others to share our vision. Meet your passion with equanimity and the tension might just be the extra oomph that's needed to shift everyone's experience in a positive way.

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