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New Moon in Virgo

Has this New Moon served as a cleanse and reboot for you too? If the answer is no, and you still feel elbows deep in chaos, then let the next two weeks be a time to refocus your energy on only the essential, high value goals.

I've been on a two week end-of-summer blogging break that was very much needed after the onslaught of surprises and sudden changes that erupted around the Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction August 1st. This conjunction of electrifying planets took place in Taurus very close to my natal Sun and activated topics in my life regarding personal ambition, resources, personal values, and even fathers -- "fathers" being one of the major archetypal figures that the Sun can represent. There has been a lot to contend with -- or a lot I thought that I needed to contend with --- and now, as the Sun transits Virgo, there is much to sort through and much responsibility to release, which is actually a perfect project for Virgo season. August 27th's New Moon in Virgo offers us a mental refresh so that we can be more efficient and productive within the chaos.

The New Moon made a square to Mars in Gemini, upping our desire to roll up our sleeves and get busy with something -- or many things!-- with which we've been confronted. Mars in Gemini creates options, which can unhelpfully divide our attention and bring a frenetic quality to life. This is also a time that we might find ourselves thirsty for knowledge or interested in socializing -- even if just to talk about all that is on our minds (good time to check in with the oracle!). Since we cannot do everything at once, we will need to make choices about where to focus our attention. Luckily, Virgo season brings its discerning qualities forward, so we will get some help separating the wheat from the chaff in order to make decisions.

This New Moon took place in the first decan of Virgo, a Mercury-ruled earth sign. In Tarot, this corresponds with the 8 of Pentacles card, the first of the mind-into-matter set of cards (Pentacles Cards 8, 9 & 10). Here, we see a person hard at work in the production of golden pentacles. Metaphorically, gold can represent what is of value and what offers security. It can also refer to our bodies and health. To get to a point of productivity, we must first select a practical goal, the tools that are needed, the times to do what we need to do and then to show up and actually do it. All of this requires a good bit of tunnel vision, choosing very specifically where to shine your light of consciousness.

What do you notice about this card? Do you see that this person sits outside of the village to work? He has set himself apart from his community and even turned his back on it -- the socializing, the drama, the criticism, the distraction -- in order to get the work done. But because we see the village in the picture, we know that it will still be there for him to appreciate at the end of the day. He is still a part of community in the big scheme of things. This is the sort of tenacious spirit with which we must endeavor to achieve our goals. Create the parameters for our work. Let others know ahead of time what those parameters are and how they can help. Set everything else aside during a set time. Then, when the day is done ( or morning, hour, 30 minutes, or whatever amount of time you have committed to), put the work away and shift your consciousness to other important, high value aspects of your life like family, friends, pleasure.

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